What Are the Main Advantages of the Oppo A53?


The Oppo A53 Black smartphone is a mid-sized Android smartphone. It has a touch screen display with a high-definition (HD) screen. The device comes with a generous memory capacity of RAM – which supports applications for all the Android platforms. The device also comes with a mid-range but sleek design. It comes with a unique Dual Shot camera, one of the latest in smartphone technology. oppo a53

The Oppo A53 Black features a dual camera – one is in the camera bag and the other on the camera lens. With an amazing image quality, it is possible to take both photos at the same time. The Oppo A53 Black runs on the android OS 2.3 Jellybean, which is based on Kit Kat. The phone features an expandable memory of 1GB.

It is difficult to find an A cheaper smartphone in the price range of the Oppo A53. Even in the low price range, it offers good value for money. The low price tag does not mean poor quality. The Oppo A53 is durable, has a decent screen, high quality cameras and connectivity features galore.

The Oppo A53 has two cameras on the front – a standard one and a larger one, for capturing High Definition images. The larger lens is ideal for taking photos of outdoor scenes. The front camera is not as strong as the rear camera, so if you need to zoom in on your images or videos, the latter is your best bet. However, the front camera of the Oppo A53 is just as good as many top rated smartphones.

The processor in the Oppo A53 smartphone is quad-core with an Adreno processor. This is the same processor used in many top rated devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and others. The RAM in this smartphone is adequate for general use. You can easily download various media files and use instant messaging apps without any trouble. Android interface is smooth and fluid, so even if you are a first timer, you can easily adapt to the operating system.

The main camera of the Oppo A53 measures approximately 13mm in width and weighs about 170g. The large aperture of the rear camera is great for taking pictures of outdoor scenes. However, if you want to take pictures of indoors images, then you may want to opt for a camera with a lower aperture. It is better to use the camera’s manual mode to get the best shots.

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